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Grooming Center in Warrenton, Virginia

Dogs, Grooming Center in Warrenton, VA

Dog with Cell Phone, Grooming Center in Warrenton, VA

Groomed Dogs, Grooming Center in Warrenton, VA

Dog, Grooming Center in Warrenton, VA

At Gaila Grooming, Inc., we follow a thorough grooming process to keep your pets looking and feeling their very best. To learn more about the professional grooming services we offer or to arrange an appointment, contact us today to speak with a member of our team.

11-Step Grooming Process:
1.) Clean the ears of excess hair and visible wax debris. Check for infection.

2.) Clip the nails as short as possible and grind them down, removing sharp edges. If the nail has grown out too long, you may wish to have your pet's nails trimmed every week to keep the nails from tapping the floor. We attempt to get the nails short to avoid splaying of the foot bones and aggravation of arthritis.

3.) Brush your pet down to the skin, paying special attention to areas that mat—such as inside the legs, behind the ears, on the face, in the loin area, and between the toes. We comb every inch of your pet to ensure that no tangles remain.

4.) On breeds that require it, we clip between the pads of the feet and clip the hair from the private areas to help keep your pet clean.

5.) We shampoo as many times as necessary, starting with an organic flea shampoo to ensure your pet goes home with no fleas. Next, we use the proper luxury shampoo for your pet's skin and coat type. Tearless shampoo is used on the faces to avoid irritation to the eyes, and then we condition your pet's coat with a re-moisturizing cream rinse at no additional charge.

6.) We advise you if your pet needs a special treatment or shampoo, such as tar and sulfur, oatmeal, or hot oil. We alert you if we notice a coat condition that can be helped by a change in grooming schedule. We notify you if your pet may need veterinary care for a skin condition or any medical problem we may find.

7.) We check the anal glands and express them upon request.

8.) We automatically remove ticks and will dip your pet as needed at an additional charge. We advise you on how to keep your pet from being re-infested from the environment.

9.) For the extra smelly pet, we offer a citrus deodorizing dip.

10.) We clip, hand scissor, and hand strip your canine companion to American Kennel Club breed standards and to our clients' specifications.

11.) To complete our work of art, we dress your pet up from the "Gaila" event with bows and a bandanna.

Call or email our pet grooming center in Warrenton, Virginia, to learn more about our thorough grooming process.